Multi Point Locking Systems

May 22, 2015

Written by Jeff Seymour

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Multipoint Locks

What Is A Multipoint Locking System?

Multipoint locking systems (MPLS) became widely used in the mid 80’s on residential properties throughout the UK. Over time these systems fail. Why do they fail?
Well like most mechanical products they can become worn & tired and therefore break. Some of these multi point locking systems have been around now for thirty plus years.

A multipoint locking system is used mainly on uPVC doors and Composite doors. The majority of the time a multi point locking system will have three locking points. These being rollers or hooks at the top and bottom of the door followed by a latch in the middle of the door. The system sits inside the door and can be seen on the edge of the door by a metal strip that runs the entire length.

The system is operated by the door handle or key and in some cases both the handle and the key need to be operated to lock the system. The lock its self sits inside a gearbox and can be replaced separately from the multi point locking system. If your old Euro locks are old and tired, now is a good time to have them changed for British Approved anti- snap locks. See my blog on Cylinder Snapping for more information.

Door Types That Contain Multi Point Locking Systems

uPVC doors are white plastic doors commonly used as external doors and tend to appear on properties built as of the mid 80s onwards. uPVC doors were introduced due to the fact that they do not swell in changing weather conditions unlike wooden doors.

Composite doors are a mix of wood and in most cases Aluminum. They are mainly used as front doors to a property and sometimes back doors. They are mainly installed on very modern houses.

Door Types That Don’t Contain Multi Point Locking Systems

In most cases you will not find a multi point locking system on solid wooden doors, this is because solid wooden doors tend to swell and warp with the changing seasons.

If a door that contains a multi point locking system is prone to swelling the locking system is very likely to become jammed and therefore very difficult to operate.

Warning Signs Of Failure

Below I have listed some tell tale signs to look out for that will tell you that your multipoint locking system is likely to fail in the near future.

1. The door handle drops or feels loose.

2. The locking points show signs of damage or wear.

3. The door handle makes a grinding noise or clunking sound when operated.

4. You need to use excessive force on the handle or key when operating to lock the door.

5. One or more of the locking points fail to operate fully when you operate the handle.

6. The key will not turn in the lock freely.

Reducing The Risk Of Being Locked Out

Knowing the signs of failure to come will prevent you running the risk of being locked out. Replacing the multi point locking system does not mean you’ll have the expense of replacing the door which can cost a small fortune. Although there are many different sizes and makes for a multi point locking system we at Seymour locksmiths can give you a no obligation free estimate should your multipoint locking system need replacing. In many cases a good clean and some adjustments to the system can prevent an emergency lock out from happening in the future.

I hope by reading this you’ll have a better understanding about multipoint locking systems. If you would like anymore information regarding multipoint locking systems or for any other security matters please feel free to call Jeff at Seymour Locksmiths.




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