Who We Are at Seymour Locksmiths

Jeff and Tara to your rescue!

Meet the team

The Boss

Meet Jeff Seymour, founder and owner of Seymour Locksmiths. He has lived in Shoreham-by-Sea since 2012 and has built up a great reputation as a competent, trustworthy and reliable locksmith. Before moving to Shoreham-by-Sea, he lived in Lincolnshire and specifically decided to move to Shoreham-by-Sea to buy and live in an old houseboat which was originally built in 1876 and which took a whole summer to renovate. Having worked as a professional locksmith since 2014 means that as a customer you can benefit from Jeff’s wealth of experience, whether you find yourself locked out of your commercial or residential property, need a multipoint lock repaired or replaced or are looking to upgrade the security of your property.

Jeff is committed to serving his local community, which is why he works in his home town and other communities within a 30-mile radius of Shoreham-by-Sea. In terms of professional credentials, he has completed a wide range of training with the UK Locksmith Association and keeps abreast of the latest developments in locksmithing by completing annual training courses offered by retired locksmiths. Lock picking is a fine art, and like all fine arts it needs practice and training, not only because lock technology is constantly evolving, but there are also so many different types of locks. Jeff has also had a recent basic DBS (criminal record) check, as well as being a competent, safe pair of hands for all your locksmithing requirements. For your peace of mind, a new updated certification is obtained every year.

During his free time, Jeff loves nothing more than getting away from it all on his motorcycle; equipped with his tent and camping gear, he loves exploring the great British countryside.

The Deputy

Meet Tara, Jeff’s eight-year-old, fluffy, flat-coated retriever and partner at Seymour Locksmiths. When Jeff’s working, everywhere he goes, she goes. His faithful four-legged friend loves nothing more than hopping in the van and going to work with him - this may have something to do with the fact that she gets a treat once she’s in the van! Tara has been a constant work companion for Jeff since he launched Seymour Locksmiths in Shoreham-by-Sea and is great company when he’s driving around from job to job, not to mention a real hit with his customers.

If dogs aren’t your thing, however, don’t worry, Tara always stays in the van and waits for Jeff to return, unless the customer specifically invites her in. One reason she’s so good may be down to the fact that Jeff takes her for a walk in the nearest park straight after each job. Hove Lawns and Queen’s Park are her favourite spots because she gets to run around and play with the other dogs, so if you live near either of those parks, look out for her scampering around, tail wagging and tongue hanging out.

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