Multipoint Locks / Nightlatch Mode

June 14, 2018

Written by Jeff Seymour

As a qualified locksmith, I’m often called out to residents who have locked themselves out. However, I’m seeing more and more residents actually not locking the the door correctly. If you have a uPVC door with a Multipoint locking system then please make sure you know how to operate it correctly.  Below I will explain how to lock one type of system that many residents do not lock correctly.

There are mainly three types of Multipoint Locking Systems (MPLS) used in the UK.

Lift Lever system, Nightlatch system and Key Wind system, These are mainly fitted to uPVC and composite doors.

The Nightlatch system is the one I’d like to explain how to operate them

Many customers are unaware that simply closing the door and lifting the handle on either side of the door does not actually lock the door. 

Yes, you still need to use a key to open the door from the outside which is only closed in Nightlatch mode, this means the door is closed on the latch only, not the locking points. The latch can been seen on the leading edge of the door, with the door open; operate the inside handle downwards, you will see the latch retract into the door. The outside handle will not retract the latch back, only the key will. This is a sure way to determine which MPLS you have.

The correct procedure to locking and unlocking a Nightlatch MPLS can be seen on the diagram below.

From the outside of the door the key will retract the latch and the door will be open. On the inside of the door the handle will retract the latch. This is known as split spindle operation.

Leaving your property whilst not using the key to lock the system will leave the property vulnerable to opportunist thieves, who know what to look for on these types of doors to show them that the door is actually not locked and is only closed in Nightlatch mode. With the correct tools the door can very easily be opened in less than a few minutes.

In some cases Insurance companies will consider this negligence on the proprietor and will be reluctant to pay out on any claims because the door was not locked and only closed in nightlatch mode. Insurers can soon determine that this is the case because there will be no forced entry at the property.

I hope by reading this blog that you will have a better understanding on how to operate these types of Multipoint locks. If you would like to discuss any of the above then please feel free to give Jeff a call at Seymour Locksmiths.



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