Restoring Old Locks

November 17, 2014

Written by Jeff Seymour

Can I have my old locks restored?

From time to time I get asked this very question and the answer in most cases is yes.

Many old houses, particularly locks in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area, have old doors and their hardware is an important part of the look and the feel of an old house.

Many old houses use mortice locks set into a pocket that is cut into the edge of the door. These locks have a latch worked by the doorknob and have a separate dead bolt (the part of the lock mechanism that the key operates). In everyday use the locks accumulate dirt and grime that impair the operation of the lock in some cases causing the lock to jam which is frustrating when all you want to do is get inside on a cold winters evening. Quite often the key can stick in the lock, again causing further frustration. We at Seymour Locksmiths can remove the lock, which is quite often an antique lock and fully restore it to full function with cleaning and some adjustments.

For a lot of residents keeping the old hardware and in particular the lock is an important part of keeping the fundamental look and feel of the front door. The cost in some cases will be cheaper then replacing the lock with a new one and in some cases adding a new lock to fit in the same pocket hole of the door can prove to be quite a challenge but never impossible. When having a new lock fitted you also have the added bonus of not having to pay for more keys to be cut should you need more keys for a lock. New locks normally come with three keys.

Is my old lock secure?

In most cases, yes. New locks have a five lever operation and have to meet insurance standards. Keeping your old antique lock is okay, but consider having a second lock fitted. A good option is a high security night latch as a second lock and for added security you could consider having a spy hole fitted too. These wouldn’t impact on the original look of the door and would certainly make you home more secure while keeping the old door and the original hardware.

Which option is more cost effective?

In short, weighing up the cost, whether you get your lock replaced or repaired, it will usually be pretty much the same expense. Having a second lock fitted is is beneficial to your home security. Don’t forget to inform your home insurance company if you do have added security, because you may be entitled to a reduction come renewal date.

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