The Importance Of Customer Care

June 07, 2016

Written by Jeff Seymour

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As part of my job, I feel its very important to not just get people back in their home when locked out, but to try and make sure that they don’t carry on locking themselves out and find the best solution for thier circumstances.

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I received a call from the son of an elderly gentleman in Worthing, the son was in London that day and was concerned for his father. After searching Locksmith Worthing online and giving me a call, he explained that his father is suffering from dementia and he was very confused as to why he was locked out.

Having arrived at the house to see the gentleman in such a confused state, it was clear that I would need to get him back inside as soon as possible. He had three keys on his keying, one for the front door porch, one for the inside front door and one for the back door, that amount of keys would confuse anyone!

He had tried using the wrong key in the front door, and now the key was well and truly stuck in the cylinder. The back door was locked with a key in the cylinder on the inside, so this was not possible to simply unlock using the gentleman’s key. I managed to gain entry to the front porch door by bypassing the cylinder. Once inside the house it soon became apparent that this situation was troubling the gentleman, to the point that he’d rather stay in than go out.

I made the gentleman a cup of tea and had time to go through some options that would help make life just that little bit easier for him. The solution I came up with was to replace the three existing cylinders for new ones which would be all keyed alike, therefore allowing the gentleman to only need one key to open all three doors. As well as this I also made each cylinder thumb turns, this means that from the inside all that was needed to lock the door was to turn the thumb turn and the door would be unlocked or locked without having to use a key. This intern makes the home more secure because the gentleman would now use the locks more because it’s easy for him to do so.

Thumbturn Cylinder

Thumb Turn Cylinder

The next thing to think about was how easy would it be for relatives or care staff to gain access to the house if needed. The solution was to fit a good quality keysafe to the outside wall of the property. This would allow access using a key held securely in the keysafe, gaining access to the keysafe is obtained by selecting a code to open the safe.


Once work was complete , I had a pleasant chat with the gentleman and made sure he was fully aware of what work had been carried out. He was very pleased with the work I had completed and looked a lot more relaxed about going out. His son was also very pleased and left me a great review on my Seymour Locksmiths Checkatrade page.

I always see customer care as a very large part of my job. This can be looking after someone who is locked out , through to making sure that there home is secure at all times with locks fitted to insurance approved standards, as well as locks that make life easier for them. Its all part of being a friendly, reliable local locksmith to Worthing.

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