Ways to Secure Your New Home

March 22, 2018

Written by Jeff Seymour

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For my latest blog I thought I’d give you the reader some guidelines of jobs to do when moving house and ways to secure your new home.

Finally after weeks of making sure everything is done, you’ve now received your keys for the new home in Brighton. You can relax now, there’s still a few boxes to unpack but they can wait, it’s time to put your feet up. But wait! Are you done with all the essential things that need doing when moving? You’ve moved in and all your worldly possessions are in the house. There’s one question I’d like to ask. Are you secure in your new home?

Ive put together a little checklist, that if you follow you will be able to answer that question shortly. Or give Jeff a call at Seymour Locksmiths for a free no obligation Home Security Check.

Change The Locks

You’d be surprised at how many new occupants don’t change the locks on external doors when moving into a new property. The previous occupants will have provided you with a set of keys, but do you know if these are the only keys for your new property?







Often keys are given to tradesmen, house sitters, dog walkers etc. In some cases the previous occupants keep a set of keys. All these keys mean anyone can gain entry to your new home using none destructive measures. If the worse did happen and you were burgled, your home insurance may default on paying out any claim that you make because the locks have not been changed.

Check fitted door and window locks

Walk around the house, checking all external doors. Do the doors close properly?
If you have uPVC doors fitted, does the multipoint locking system work as it should?
Can the door be easily locked?

Check your windows. Do they close securely and does the handle lock? If sash windows are fitted, can they be opened from the outside? Do the sash window locks work?





Heres a simple infographic that explains quickly how to spot if your multipoint lock isn’t working as it should.

Most Multipoint locking Systems require a 5 year service and adjustment to keep them working as they should.
You can read my previous blog regarding Multipoint Locking Systems.










Home Security

The front door, does it have a letter box? A lot of opportunist thieves fish keys through the letterbox. Don’t leave your keys in view of an open letterbox. You can have fitted a letterbox cowl, this makes it difficult to fish anything through the letterbox, a very cheap solution.








Consider Home security systems

More and more homes now have a security system in place, this can be a simple DIY system or a fully monitored secure system fitted by experts. You can evaluate your area and choose a system that works for you. Some basics to consider are an alarm, motion detecters for the doors and windows, carbon monoxide and smoke detecters.









Redirect Your Mail

Ensure your post is redirected to your new address. Lost or missed mail is a security risk.
You don’t want sensitive letters like bank statements falling into the wrong hands.








Secure Your Wifi Password

It’s easy to forget this one, most people stick to the password provided by their internet provider. An easy search will show anyone which network you are with. With the correct knowledge your password can be gained and access to your wifi and internet usage can be seen.

Checking Trades People I.D.

Moving home usually means calling on some trades people. Check there I.D. before letting them in. Criminals are known to target new home owners using false I.D. to gain access to your property. If your unsure about the I.D. do not let them in until you have verified they are genuine.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

Knowing your neighbours is a great way to make your property more secure. Your new neighbours will keep an eye on any strangers and in return you can do the same for them. If they know you and your family and recognise you they may just ask a stranger what they’re doing.
So pop round with a bottle of wine and introduce yourself. You’d be amazed at how many new occupants to a property don’t even know their immediate neighbours.

Thinking Ahead

Great now you’ve gone through all the above, do the rest of the family know about all the measures you have put into place to secure your home? Sit them down, go through how the alarm system works, make sure the children know to lock doors and not leave keys lying around. I’m called out often because one of the family has lost their set of keys. Do you have the local police contact details and your local locksmiths details?

Thanks for reading my latest blog, I hope by simply following this easy check list you make your new home more secure for you and your family.




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