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Control access to your new home

Moving into a new home is exciting and exhausting at the same time. There are often so many things to do whilst juggling everyday life, work, kids, holidays, etc., that it’s easy to put off or overlook changing the locks on your front door or internal access door if you live in a communal building.

Beware: burglars are savvy and generally know when someone has recently moved into a new home and often assume they haven’t gotten around to changing their locks. Your security is at risk if a former owner/occupier has given them a key.

The importance of key control

Peace of mind in your own home is paramount, as is home security, which means not worrying about feeling safe in your own home and how you can prevent break-ins, intrusions, burglary and unwanted guests.

Do you know who has a key to your new home?

If not, then now is the time to change your locks. The previous owner/tenant or someone they know could easily still have a key to your home and enter when you are out or asleep. Whether you are moving into a new home as an owner or tenant, it is crucial to change the locks as soon as possible.

Seymour Locksmiths can change the locks to your house or flat in Brighton and the surrounding area to ensure that you have locks that comply with insurance standards enabling you to sleep easy at night knowing you have access to your home.

Why should I change the locks in my new home?

There are many reasons to change the locks when you move into a new home. Firstly, if you don’t change your locks, your insurance may be invalid if you are burgled by someone who gained access using a key, and your claim will be rejected.

Most insurance companies will ask you to provide evidence of forced entry before they pay out, so if someone has entered using a key, you could end up being out of pocket.

Secondly, changing your locks puts you and your family/cohabitees at risk of someone with a key to your home letting themself in and helping themself to your belongings.

Are the locks to your new home insurance approved?

If your locks don’t comply with British Standard 3621:2004, then you should change them, particularly if you live in an older property which may have older non-standard locks fitted.

This includes all, back, front and porch door locks. If you live in a building with a communal front door, ensure that the lock on your internal front door is insurance-approved, which all the locks we provide are.

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Who could have a key to my home?

There are lots of people who could still have a key to your home, such as:


Former occupants (owners or tenants, their relatives/friends)

Anyone who has housesat or looked after pets in the former owner’s/tenant’s absence

Neighbours and their friends/relatives

Estate/letting agent

A former landlord and their friends/associates/relatives

The list above is not exhaustive and shows the sheer number of people who could be walking around with access to your home without your knowledge.

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Which locks in my new home need to be changed?

Ideally, you should change all the locks in your new home, including front and back door locks, and even garage/shed/outside office locks if you store valuable items in them.

You don’t know how many keys the previous owner has lost or given a set to in their family and friendship groups, so don’t put yourself and your family at risk of being burgled.

Other reasons to change your locks

Moving into a new home is not the only reason to change your locks. Here are some other times you should consider changing your door/window locks:

Lost your keys

Gave a key to someone to carry out work. (Could they have had a copy cut? Yes!)

Someone has moved out

You have been broken into

Your lock is not British Standard compliant

You want to feel more secure in your home

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